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New: QuietKat Lynx eBike

Bicycles and motorcycles are both excellent vehicles for off-grid travel, but each has strengths and weaknesses. Bicycles are nearly silent, but require strenuous physical effort and aren't especially fast unless you're an athlete. Motorcycles alleviate both of the latter concerns, but they're loud. They also require gasoline (a resource that may be in short supply during emergencies) and maintenance for their numerous moving parts. Electrically-powered eBikes split the difference and offer some major advantages — the quietness and longevity of a bicycle, the speed and mobility of a motorcycle, plus they can be charged from off-grid power sources such as solar panels. QuietKat, a leader in the eBike market, has released a new high-performance model called the QuietKat Lynx.

The QuietKat Lynx eBike


Unveiled last month, the QuietKat Lynx is said to “push the envelope of high performance” among the company's existing offerings. It features a 2-speed, 1000-watt hub motor with a motorcycle-style twist throttle option. But, as with QuietKat's other eBikes, the Lynx can still be pedaled like a traditional bicycle.

For all-terrain capability, the Lynx comes with 203mm inverted mechanical coil fork front suspension, and a mechanical coil shock in the rear that offers 100mm of travel. A set of 24×4.5-inch moto-style tires offer grip on-road and off-road, and 2-piston hydraulic disc brakes bring it to a stop quickly.

Modern Tech & Classic Styling


The new QuietKat Lynx also features integrated Bluetooth, cellular, and GPS tech that allow the user to remotely control features and track the bike in case of theft.

One unique aspect of the Lynx is its styling, which resembles an old-school café racer motorcycle with its round headlight, sleek contours, and custom-sewn synthetic leather café saddle.


The QuietKat Lynx will be available in late summer 2023 at an estimated retail price of $4,000. For more information as it becomes available, go to QuietKat.com.

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