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Modern Icon Leather Wrapped Dog Collars

Every-day carry gear is a pretty deep rabbit hole. We'll admit to getting caught up in the endless pursuit of the coolest knives, flashlights, tactical pens, pocket tools, and other accessories (at least we didn't get into fidget spinners). But it seems pretty selfish to focus entirely on hoarding gear for ourselves, without so much as thinking about the needs of our best friends — our four-legged best friends.

Modern Icon bespoke leather dog collar animal pet 2

Dogs don't have use for tools and pocket gadgets, but there's one piece of kit that every dog needs: a collar. So rather than settling for an inexpensive and adequate collar from the local pet store, it's worth considering some higher-quality options. A premium collar will help your pup look sharp, be clearly-identifiable, stay secure on the leash, and remain comfortable in a variety of temperatures and conditions.

Modern Icon bespoke leather dog collar animal pet 3

Modern Icon has previously offered two types of American-made dog collars and harnesses. The Defender Series and Operator Series are targeted at law enforcement and military canines, respectively. The company introduced a third line of collars: the Bespoke Leather series, a leather wrapped dog collar. These premium 1.5-inch or 2-inch wide collars are made to order and available on their online store.

Modern Icon bespoke leather dog collar animal pet 1

The company writes, “Sourced from the oldest tanneries in the US, these full-grain leather hides have been vegetable-tanned using centuries-old methods. This process is longer and more arduous than chemical tanning, so the results will last a lifetime and each product will develop a natural patina that will reflect your unique lifestyle and usage.”

Modern Icon bespoke leather dog collar animal pet 4

Since the Bespoke Leather collars are made-to-order in the USA, there are many options to choose from:

  • Width: 2″
  • Nylon Webbing Color: Black, Wolf Gray, Coyote
  • Leather Color: Chestnut Essex, Cocoa Essex, Black Latigo
  • Size: Small through Extra-Large (13″ through 26″)
  • Embroidery: 14 characters in your choice of 8 colors

Modern Icon bespoke leather dog collar animal pet 5

Each collar comes with a metal V-ring strength-rated to 4,000 pounds, an ISC Klick-Lock quick-detach buckle, and a large Velcro panel for adhering name tape and patches. Modern Icon will also customize the collar further with custom embroidery if you so desire. MSRP for the Bespoke Leather collars ranges from $179 to $189 depending on size, color, and options.

For more information on the Bespoke Leather dog collars, visit ModernIcon.us.

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Title: Modern Icon Leather Wrapped Dog Collars
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