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EDC – 22 Road Trip Essentials

There are twenty-two road trip essentials that I don’t leave home without. Have you ever considered how one item can provide more freedom, comfort, and expand opportunities? A rain poncho, for example, allows you to walk relatively protected outdoors in the rain. A water bottle and a protein bar will enable hikers to go farther and explore new terrain. More supplies can lead to greater freedoms.

I’m a big fan of day hiking, kayaking, and road trips. Having the right supplies gives me peace of mind to take on adventures. Preparing for a journey takes more time and consideration than you might think. To save time, I’ve collected some basic survival supplies into one small pouch so I can quickly move them from the car to a hiking backpack. Here are twenty-two road trip essentials that I don’t leave home without.


22 Prepper Supplies

22 Road Trip Essentials

    1. Solar Light and Mobile Charger

      road trip essentials

    2. Bandana Face Mask (sports headband)

    3. Knife

    4. Utility Tool

    5. Paracord (packed under the solar light so not visible in photo)

    6. USB Phone Charger (packed under the solar light so not visible in photo)

      road trip essentials

    7. Duct Tape road trip essentials

    8. Poncho

    9. Emergency Blanket

      road trip essentials

    10. Food (protein bar & beef jerky)

    11. Lighter

    12. Water Filter Straw

    13. Compact Drinking Pouch

    14. Medicated Lip Balm (turned into a candle)

    15. Very Loud Whistle

    16. Compass or GPS  Handheld

      road trip essentials

    17. Travel Journal

      road trip essentials

    18. Survival Mirror

    19. First Aid Kit

first aid kit consists of 14 common items

20. Self-Defense Pen22 road trip essentials

21. Water Bottle (Additional supplies that don’t fit in the pouch)road trip essentials 

22. Bear Spray


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Road trip essentials



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