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180km Torres Del Paine, Patagonia – SOLO

Harmen Hoek captured the best video I’ve seen of the famed O-trek (including the W-trek).

It’s wonderful. And yet provides clear warning of the drastic, quickly changing weather.

Expect some of the heaviest rains and strongest winds of your life. Even if the first few days are sunny.


Getting bookings for this adventure is super challenging. Check our Paine Information page for details.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (27min)

0:00 Puerto Natales
0:50 Mirador Base Las Torres (1st time)
3:40 Day 1 – Glacier and Camp Dickson
10:06 Day 2 – Glacier and Camp Los Perros
13:46 Exploring the Puma Glacier
15:45 Day 3 – Glacier Grey and Paso John Garner
21:08 Day 4 – Storm to Mirador Británico
24:35 Day 5 – Sunrise at Mirador Base Las Torres
26:38 Outro with photos