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Is the Garmin 1095 the Best GPS for RV Use?

This summer, my family and I completed our third multi-week RV trek across the country. However, it was our first experience using an RV-specific GPS device. I debated for a while but ultimately splurged on the Garmin 1095 RV GPS Navigator, which we bought at Camping World.

After using this GPS for more than 5,000 miles this summer, I can’t imagine driving our Class A RV without it. In this review, I’ll explain why the Garmin 1095 is my new favorite companion in the cockpit, as well as some features that fall a bit short of my expectations and desires.

Spoiler Alert: With a whopping 10” screen, this GPS is massive, and I absolutely love it!

Garmin 1095 RV GPS Navigator At-a-Glance

Reading driving directions on Garmin RV GPS 1095
Photo by Mike and Alison Fox
  • Display: 10.1” color touch-screen
  • Dimensions: 9.65” W x 6.06” H x 0.83” D
  • Mount: Includes suction and screw-down mounting hardware
  • RV-specific routing: Yes, based on YOUR vehicle and tow setup
  • RV park directory: Yes, preloaded
  • Travel plaza directory: Yes, with integration to loyalty programs
  • Satellite imagery: Yes
  • Integration to your mobile phone: Yes

Check out more details about the Garmin 1095 RV GPS Navigator and other GPS navigation options at Camping World.

Who Is This For?

Due to the massive 10” display size, this model is best suited for drivers of Class A motorhomes with large cockpits where the distance from your eyes to your device is further than typical driving configurations. If you are driving a pickup truck with a fifth wheel or travel trailer, you will probably want one of Garmin’s smaller RV GPS navigators.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Garmin 1095 RV GPS Navigator?

My internal debate prior to selecting the Garmin 1095 RV GPS was whether to continue using my mobile phone with an RV-specific navigation app or to switch to a purpose-built GPS. With that in mind, I absolutely made the right decision for my needs and preferences on the road.


  • Screen Size: Have I mentioned the massive 10.1” screen size? I can’t emphasize how big of a difference when driving a large motorhome, focusing on the road in front of me, and needing to glance down at my GPS briefly for the next turn. The upgrade from my 5.5” phone screen to this 10.1” GPS screen is so much safer and more convenient.
  • RV-Specific Features: These features go beyond the routing that can be found in RV phone apps. For example, the ability to easily browse RV parks and upcoming Travel Plazas was unlike any navigation experience I’ve ever had on my phone.
  • Customization: The ability to easily configure the screen is also unparalleled. Every statistic displayed (e.g., time to destination, distance to destination, outside temperature, etc.) can easily be personalized to show the information I care about the most.
  • Smartphone Compatibility: My wife’s favorite feature is the ability to send a new destination to the GPS from the Garmin Drive app on her phone. This way, she can route me to an unexpected fuel or dining stop without leaving the co-pilot seat and climbing over the dashboard to manipulate the device.  


  • Quality of Satellite Imagery: While the Garmin RV GPS devices allow you to download satellite imagery of your destination, I found this experience clunky and less capable than Google Maps on my phone. Thus, before beginning a drive, I would use the Garmin RV GPS to find my next destination and then use my phone to analyze the destination and figure out my target pathway through the destination parking lot.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity: My only other complaint about the Garmin device probably has nothing to do with the Garmin 1095 GPS but rather with my RV’s stereo. I had difficulty connecting the Garmin and my phone to the stereo via Bluetooth. Since I listen to Spotify from my phone, I resorted to using the speaker on the Garmin GPS instead of connecting it to my stereo. The good news is the speaker was loud enough to overcome the front-engine noise of my gas motorhome.

Garmin 1095 RV GPS Features

  • Extra-large display: Safety-first! At 10.1”, the display is HUGE and allows me to see what I need at a moment’s glance.
  • Upcoming services: Lists next available fuel stations, rest stops, and travel plazas.
  • Find additional fuel options: If the next available service is too close, see additional options along your route. Even includes live fuel prices.
  • RV-specific routing: Configure your RV and tow vehicle specs. Routes are then determined based on weight, height, length, and width.
  • RV park directory: Preloaded directory of RV parks and locations.
  • Travel plaza directory: Scroll amenities of upcoming travel plazas such as Pilot and Love’s.
  • Customization: Choose what information to display on the screen and where.
  • Garmin Drive app: Send destinations to GPS from your mobile phone.
  • And other commonly-found GPS features

Would You Recommend the Garmin 1095 RV GPS Navigator?

Programming Garmin 1095 RV GPS unit
Photo by Mike and Alison Fox

The Garmin 1095 RV GPS Navigator was absolutely the right device for my RV travel needs, and I highly recommend it. Between the extra-large display, easy listing of upcoming services, and highly configurable display, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to navigating my RV adventures with a phone app.

That said, the price tag is quite high for a commoditized capability like “navigation”. This is definitely a luxury purchase with many “nice-to-have” features that make driving and navigating a delight instead of a chore.

If you are not driving a Class A motorhome, I highly recommend checking out the smaller Garmin RV GPS devices that Camping World offers and saving significant money.

How Does the Garmin 1095 Compare to the Competition?

Man driving motorhome using Garmin 1095 for directions
Photo by Mike and Alison Fox

Garmin is one of the leaders in the GPS market and there are competitive offerings from TomTom and Rand McNally. Some also have truck-specific devices that provide routing guidance based on your vehicle and towing specs.

However, nobody comes close to the RV-specific capability of the Garmin GPS lineup. With the extra-large display of the Garmin 1095 GPS Navigator, the built-in RV parks and services, travel plaza details, and easy personalization, it is the clear winner for me.

I’ve included a few other options below that can provide truck and RV routing if you want to shop around. But aside from the Garmin RV 795, these other options do not offer the benefits just listed.

  • Garmin RV 795 GPS Navigator (7” display)
  • Rand McNally OverDryve 8 Pro II Truck GPS (8” display)
  • Rand McNally TND 550 Truck GPS (5” display)

Do you have experience with, or questions about, this Garmin GPS unit?

Share them in the comments below or reach out to Michael on his website or via Instagram.

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By: Mike Fox
Title: Is the Garmin 1095 the Best GPS for RV Use?
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